2nd Place 70cc Class, MSILSF 2010 Land-Speed Trials
Historic Route "66", Devore, CA
Welcome to AES Racing Ltd. My name is Alan Spears. I participated at the First Annual U.S. Motor-Scooter Land Speed Trials on November 21st 2010, This event, sanctioned by Motor-Scooter International Land-Speed Federation (MSILSF), was held on a portion of Historic Highway Route "66" in Devore, CA. 
My dear friends at Motorsport Scooters of San Diego sold me the Kymco, and supplied all of the Malossi Racing engine components. They always provide me with dedicated and reliable advice and service, and are highly supportive as regards my personal racing endeavors. Steve Bailey went to extraordinary lengths to promote the First Annual U.S. Motor-Scooter Land-Speed Trials, and worked tirelessly for days setting up the venue. 
My first race of the 2011 season was the Salton Sea T.T. 396-Mile Endurance Race, March 26th 2011, Brawley, CA. 

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This race was the most challenging U.S. scooter-only endurance rally of 2011. Ryan Jeffries and newcomer Robert Pecher traveled to the venue from Illinois! Howard Rains and Stanton Scott traveled from Tucson, AZ. Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil attended while enroute home from their exhibition at the AMA Daytona 200! This hard-core dedication to endurance competition speaks volumes. 
The Salton Sea T.T. 396-Mile Endurance Rally started at 8 am from the parking lot of the Brawley Inn & Convention Center, Brawley, CA. Motor-Scooter International Land-Speed Federation hosted this fascinating event. As one of the small-bore scooter riders, I paired up with National Freestyle Champion, Nick "Apex" Brocha, who was ridinbg a Leo Vince sponsored Yamaha Zuma. We encountered firece headwinds on every lap from Brawley to Mecca. My Kymco finally said "Enough!" early in to Lap 3. I had ridden it WFO for 264 miles. 
Hell's Loop T.T. 375-Mile X-Treme Endurance Race Results:
3 Place Overall, 1st Place 125cc Class on my Kymco S9 70cc Malossi Racer!
 I'm extremely excited about 2012 Hell's Loop. The course will be run clockwise from Barstow, CA, up through the mining country to Panamint Springs, into Death Valley, and on to Baker before heading down the Baker Grade back to Barstow. I fully expect the weather to be wet and freezing cold.
My Kymco S9 70cc Malossi is officially retired from extreme endurance racing. It is now married to a Cozy 100 Sidecar.
Starting with Hell's Loop T.T. 2012, I'll be racing a Gilera Runner 180 liquid-cooled 2-stroke. We've already started R&D.

My Sponsors:
AdaptivTechnologies LLC
TPX Radar Detector
My second race was Hell's Loop T.T. 375-Mile Extreme Endurance Race, Nov. 21st 2011, Barstow, CA
Fueling in Panamint Springs, CA
My first race of the 2012 season was the Second Annual Salton Sea T.T. 396-Mile Endurance Race, March 25th
I had the good fortune of finishing in 1st Place in Class I (50cc to 100cc) on my Kymco S9 70cc Malossi.
My second race of the 2012 season will be the Second Annual Hell's Loop T.T. 396-Mile Endurance Race, Nov. 25th
Gilera, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded in Arcore, Italy in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera, was purchased by Piaggio Group in 1969.

My Gilera Runner, manufactured by Piaggio under the Gilera brand, was designed by Luciano Marabese, of Marabese Design Srl., Italy. It is noted for its unusual style, and ultra-high performance. The Runner was available in both two-stroke and four-stroke versions. Presently it is only available with four-stroke engine. I am very fortunate to have one of the earlier 2-strokes.

Gilera World Championships
1950: 500cc with Umberto Masetti
 1952: 500cc with Umberto Masetti
  1953: 500cc with Geoff Duke
   1954: 500cc with Geoff Duke
    1955: 500cc with Geoff Duke
     1957: 500cc with Libero Liberati
      2001: 125cc with Manuel Poggiali
Geoff Duke, Gilera 500cc, Isle of Man
Erwin "Cannonball" Baker
Left: AdaptivTechnologies, LLC TPX Radar Detector with Adaptiv proprietary mount. Below: Adaptiv LED warning lite on dash.
Adaptiv® LED Warning Light 
Adaptiv® TPX Radar Detector
Adaptiv® Wiring Harness
Adaptiv® TPX Radar Detector
Adaptiv® LED Warning Light
Hell's Loop T.T. 375-Mile Extreme Endurance Race
November 25th 2012, Barstow, CA
1st Place Class I (101cc to 175cc)
3rd Place Overall
Fuel Stops: 5
Time: 6 hours 27 minutes
Average Speed: 58.13 mph / 93.56 kph
1st Place Class I
 101cc to 175cc
Photos Courtesy of Dennis Rowe
Finishing Hell's Loop T.T.
Coming up to the line.
Warming up.
Getting ready.
The start.
This Malossi bellmouth is fitted under the UNI Filter.
Left: The Leo Vince "ZX" Pipe failed miserably. The end of the silencer blew off in Virginia, making the decibel level ungawdly! The top mount disintegrated fracturing the bolt leaving the threads in the case. The spring loop fractured, and we lost the spring. We jury-rigged with zip-ties and wire for hundreds of miles.
Catastrophic failure of Malossi Racing drive belt on Interstate 40, east of Needles, CA, 275 miles from the finish caused us to drop out of the race! This is the second such failure I've had with Malossi Racing belts!
Completely re-engineered Leo Vince "ZX" Exhaust assembled with Grade 8 fasteners. Had the pipe been supplied like this, it wouldn't have failed!
Above: Pam Vice-Kerr, Team Laurito Racing, lending moral support and encouragement during one of the many fuel stops along Interstate 40. Photo by Capt. Lew Laurito.
Capt. Lew Laurito, Team Laurito Racing,
to whom I owe a gigantic debt of grati-
tude for his unwavering support during
The Real Cannonball.
Above: Quietly contemplating the start of The Real Cannonball on hallowed ground in front of the Redball Garage, 142 East 31st Street, Manhattan, NY 10016.
Thank you BailHotline for your generosity and sponsorship in The Real Cannonball!
Thank you Adaptiv Technologies LLC for your generosity and sponsorship in The Real Cannonball!
Left: This is my post-race rant self-filmed at the Best Western Sunrise, Redondo Beach, CA. I completed 2651.6 miles before the combined effects of the catastrophic drive belt and Leo Vince pipe failures sidelined me on Interstate 40 just outside the Ciity of Needles, CA. When I recorded this I had not slept since departing the Motel 6 on Coors Rd. in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I stand by these remarks.
Pre-Race Photo by Joe Tucker. All Rights Reserved.
Left: Start of another day of racing. Capt. Lew and I bonding at dawn at Motel 6, Ft. Smith, AR.
Above: My Jeff Corsaro tuned Kymco9 S9 Malossi 70cc Racer, retired following Hell's Loop T.T. 2012, has been fitted with a Cozy 100 Sidecar. Doug Bingham of Side Strider, Inc. did the installation. This outfit will be campaigned in 2014 starting with the Lake Tahoe T.T. 375-Mile Extreme Endurance Race, May 4th 2914.
Tuning: Jeff "Robot" Corsaro, Motorsport Vespa
Outfit: 2006 Kymco S9 Liquid-Cooled Single-Cylinder 2-Stroke w/Cozy 100 Sidecar
Mounting: Doug Bingham, Side Strider, Inc.
Displacement: 70cc
Tires: Pirelli SL36 Front/Rear
Total Fuel Capacity: 8 gallons
Pre-Mix: Maxima 927 Racing Caster 32:1
Fuel: Shell Premium 91 Octane
Spark Plug: E3 E-32
Clutch/Variator: Malossi
Carburettor: Malossi Dellorto w/UNI Filter
Rider: Alan Spears

Click the YouTube icon to the left to see the auxiliary fuel / ballast system installed in the Cozy 100 sidecar.
Can you say "T-r-a-n-s-f-o-r-m-a-t-i-o-n"? Of a street "outfit" into a full-on street "racer".
Pix current as of 07NOV2013 here to add text.
The race course consists of riding a counter-clockwise route from the Motel 6 in South Lake Tahoe. The route to be followed is the required one. Scooters must be ridden by a single pre-designated rider. No rider change is allowed. Scooters must be ridden under their own power, and may not be towed or transported. This rally will have the following control points:
(a) Start Control: Motel 6 parking lot [official start of the race]
(b) Known Controls (“Check-Points”) consisting of township signs in the following towns:
(i)Carson City, NV
(ii)Reno, NV
(iii)Truckee, CA
(iv)Auburn, CA
(v)Placerville, CA
(vi)Tahoma, CA
(vii)Incline Village, NV
(c) Finish Control: South Lake Tahoe, Motel 6 parking lot

Attention to detail, JB Weld, exotic metals and spare-no-expense is the ONLY philosophy allowed in the construction of extreme endurance racers at AES Racing Ltd.
The work on the "hack" continues. Master Constructor Rob North, of Rob North Triumph/BSA Triples fame, machined a hub for the sidehack chassis out of a solid block of 6061 T6 aluminum, to which we've fitted a German made S.I.P. aluminum alloy racing rim. The mounting holes in the hub are fitted with stainless steel Helicoils! This is full-on GP race preparation.
Auxiliary Fuel: 2 6-liter MSR Fuel Bladders and a 5-gallon
Fuel Cell mounted on the the aluminum DiamondPlate on the
sidecar platform.
Finished hub/rim assembly with Pro-Bolt anodized blue Titanium socket-head 8mm bolts.
Airtech Streamlining Sidehack nose piece and fender sturdily mounted. Gustaffson windscreen taped in place, ready to be drilled for nylon bolts/nuts.
The two photos below were taken in early January 2014, reflecting the racer's state of preparedness. 
Click the YouTube icon to see a brief clip of the Jan. 27th 2014 shakedown on California Highway #94 in east San Diego County.
Rainbow Bridge, Donner Pass, west of Truckee, CA on the race route. Leon Schegg photo.
30JAN2014: I am extremely pleased to announce the addition of Globalstar® and SPOT® GPS to my Sponsor List. Julio Guevara of Globalstar®/SPOT® informed me earlier today of the corporation's support of my racing endeavors with Globalstar® Satellite Phone Service and SPOT® GPS Tracking during extreme endurance races, starting with the Lake Tahoe T.T. 320-Mile Ultra-Extreme Endurance Race, May 4th 2014, South Lake Tahoe, CA. I will provide everyone with relevant information regarding tracking my progress on the Kymco S9 Malossi 70cc Racing Sidehack during this race! This is VERY exciting, and a MOST generous gesture by Julio Guevara, and Globalstar®/SPOT®.
JAN2014: Nicholas at Motorsport Vespa fitting new tyres.
It's February 2nd, and I'm already thinking about how challenging the Lake Tahoe T.T. is going to be. Two National Forests, and the Donner Pass. WHOA!
21FEB2014. Lemon Grove, CA. Roberto at www.customautowrap.com wrapped the sidecar nose windscreen and put two MSI Extreme Endurance Racing stickers on the fairing's windscreed.
04APR2014. Testing con-
tinues in and around San
Diego, CA. Harbor Drive,
just east of 32nd Street.
Steve Bailey, Vespa Motorsport, San Diego, CA, modified the motorcycle trailer for the sidehack.
Thank you "HJC" for my new IS-2! Great helmet!
2/3 Random Selection Starting Grid at Motel 6 #250, South Lake Tahoe, CA. May 4th 2014.
Turning on to South Lake Tahoe Blvd from Motel 6 parking lot, heading for Hwy #50 to Placerville.
1st Place Sidecar Class II (50cc to 250cc).
Lake Tahoe T.T. 320-Mile Ultra-Extreme Motor-Scooter Endurance Race, May 4th 2014, South Lake Tahoe, CA
I missed the Hwy. #49 cut-off west of Placerville, and rode all the way to Folsom before heading for Auburn!
Depositing the obliga-
tory postcard to MSILSF at the U.S. Post Office, Calipatria, CA. May 3rd 2014.
1st Place, 175cc Class. 3rd Salton Sea T.T. ~ May 3rd 2014.
Random Starting Grid Spot #27.
Pulling in at the finish of the 3rd Salton Sea T.T. 320-Miler!
Freeze-Frame to October 2014!
Genuine 110cc "Rattler modified by Scootermeister.
It's time to go to Hell again. This gruieling event is the most challenging race on MSILSF's calendar. The unavailability of fuel along the race course make carrying auxiliary fuel a necessity. This is especially true is you're racing a non-injected 2-Stroke!
Notwithstanding Kymco USA's inexplicable distain of our winning race program, based on years and many thousands of dollars of R & D, their ox-cart-class behavior will not deter our racing the venerable Kymco S9 Malossi 70cc Racing Sidehack at Hell's Loop T.T. 2015. Shame on Kymco USA!
Perhaps premature, but certainly worth thinking about -- The Real Cannonball 2016!
Not everything in life is black and white. The same is true in extreme endurance racing.

This space is reserved for pix of Hell's Loop T.T. 2015!
Meet Mark Broadhurst, Proprietor of MB Serious Outdoors Ltd. www.lambrettaspares.com/ Master builkder/tuner of Lambretta racing engines, 2-time winner of Cross-UK Race. His engines have won this race a total of 7 times!
Maestro Rob North (RobNorthTriples) inspecting the Lambretta frame we purchased off eBay. Ron machoined a new steering post to accommodate a Suzuki AN400 Burgman dual caliper/roter front-end assembly.
Conceptually this is another Scootermeister aberration, being humored by Rob and Mark. So we'll call it the Broadhurst~North Lambretta. Air-Cooled Single-Cylinder 200cc 2-Stroke Shifter Racer.
I'm very pleased to announce the addition of SaigonScooterCentre.com as on of our primary sponsors. SSC will be supplying a 0.5 gal. auxiliary fuel tank for the Broadhurst~North Lambretta Extreme Endurance Racer.
Thank you SaigonScooterCentre.com!
Forks completely installed on the Series 3 frame and the Black Euro Bars fitted. Photo taken 2/15 at Rob North's shop. 2.5 gal. alloy tail-tank was being fitted up as this pix was taken. Front end to be lowered approx. 25mm with install of Avon AM63 Viper Stryke Front 120/70 x 14 front tyre. Rob North Photo. All Rights Reserved.

Progress on the Broadhurst~North Lambretta Racer being constructed especially for The Real Cannonball.
This group of 4 pix taken 29SEP2015 at Rob North's shop.
Alan Spears/VespaMotorsport Gilera 175cc

Brian Schraver/Piaggio BV 250cc
Bob Marshall Photo. All Rights Reserved.
Jeff "Robot" Corsaro/VespaMotorsport tuned Kymco S9 Malossi 70cc Racer ~ Jan. 2016.
Kymco S9 Malossi 70cc Racer ~ Cedar Glen, CA ~ January 2016
KYMCO S9 MALOSSI 70cc. Constructed by A. Spears; Tuned By Jeff "Robot": Corsaro, VespaMotorsport, San Diego, CA
2nd Place, Class IV at the 2016 Salton Sea T.T. on the Kymco S9 70cc.
April 6th 2016. Just finished the majority of race prep work on my 2007 Suzuki AN400 Skywave, including a very sophisticated pressurized 12-volt auxiliary fuel system hidden in the Givi panniers and tail-bag. Getting ready for The 2016 Real Cannonball.
Alan Spears / Suzuki AN400 Custom
1st Place Overall Winner of the 2016 Hell's Loop T.T.
See us in the October 2016 issue of "On Suzuki" Magazine.